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Centre de recherche de Jouy-en-Josas, bâtiment 211. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

About us

A leading institution in the Life Sciences department of Université Paris-Saclay

 The Inra research centers of Jouy-en-Josas and Versailles-Grignon are major contributors of the Life Sciences départment of Université Paris-Saclay

Updated on 03/29/2016
Published on 03/27/2016

In light of the number of staff implicated (26.5% of INRA researchers), the weight of agricultural research  (INRA and ParisAgroTech account for close to 10% of research potential) and the strategic programmes that take place within it, INRA has decided to participate in the Paris-Saclay University and Institution Committees (Comue) as a founding member.

The creation of Comue is the result of a longstanding collaboration between higher education professionals and researchers at the Paris-Saclay site. In line with international standards and on the basis of an ambitious project with a shared vision of excellence, the following list of goals provided a framework for the establishment of the Paris-Saclay Comue :

  • Create a research and innovation university bringing together universities, colleges and research bodies
  • Develop world-class integrated research
  • Develop the offering of research-based training
  • Respond to key societal challenges
  • Create diverse and pooled curricula
  • Bring together the academic and professional worlds
  • Build a comfortable, accessible and integrated campus
  • Forge ties between Paris-Saclay University and other universities in Île-de-France.

For Inra, the goal is to boost knowledge and innovation in order to rise to challenges related to agriculture, food and the environment. Simultaneously, the Institute seeks to strengthen predictive biology-based approaches and biotechnology by working with a broad range of partners. In 2013, a project proposal was put forward, in line with the ESR Law of July 2013 relative to Higher Education and Research, which calls for the coordination of site policy while allowing establishments to keep their own resources and staff, and maintain the leading role in the majority of operations.

In 2014, the competent bodies of 19 establishments, universities and schools including INRA who expressed interest in becoming a founding member, adopted a draft constitution for the Paris-Saclay Comue and created a public establishment for cultural, scientific and professional interests (EPCSCP).

Decree n°2014-1674, establishing the Comue and approving its status, was signed into law on 29 December 2014, and published in the French Journal Officiel on 31 December.

Logo de l'Université Paris-Saclay sur support carré. © Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay

In a radically changing international environment, Université Paris-Saclay is a French world-class research university located between Paris and Versailles, an area known for science and innovation.

Inra is a founder member of Université Paris-Saclay,

Université Paris-Saclay brings together universities, grandes écoles and research organizations in a unique model: members retain their identity and resources and agree to coordinate their work and pool certain resources in projects that are defined and implemented jointly. Université Paris-Saclay benefits from support from the French State for the development of traffic and transport infrastructure, academic and commercial real estate projects, as well as accommodation, catering, leisure and other services for students and staff. 

More information on the Université Paris-Saclay website.


Joint doctorates

Since the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, doctoral programs have been organized in a single doctoral college, bringing together the 20 doctoral schools in Université Paris-Saclay, of which Inra is a founder member. Each of these doctoral schools comprises a number of research teams, providing future PhDs with high level scientific input and preparation for entering the job market.

Joint Master’s programs

Since the start of the 2015-2016 academic year, Master’s level programs have been provided, organized jointly within Université Paris-Saclay. There are 48 tagged Master’s programs and their aim is to provide students with international level teaching.Thanks to synergies achieved with resources and its partners’ reputation, the aim of Inra is to enable students to enter the job market and apply their knowledge in a variety of scientific and business sectors, including laboratories in both universities and the business sector or in specific professions (teaching, legal professions, care sector, services sector etc).

Details of the joint Master’s programs are provided here : http://bit.ly/our-masters

Enrolment for joint Université Paris-Saclay Master’s programs is centralised on the common application portal here : http://bit.ly/apply-master

Student entrepreneurship

Inra is a founder member of Université Paris-Saclay and in that capacity belongs to PEIPS, an ecosystem of 12 founding higher education institutions, 4 associated higher education institutions and 18 business organizations, providing comprehensive support to ensure that entrepreneurship and innovation are embedded in student life.

The PEIPS ecosystem is one of 29 “PEPITE” (French acronym for Student Center for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship[HW8] ) endorsed by the Ministries of Higher Education and Research and of Economic Regeneration and the Caisse des Dépôts in March 2014.

If you are student with a business plan, you can join our PEIPS program or other support programs.