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Centre de recherche de Jouy-en-Josas, bâtiment 211. © INRA, NICOLAS Bertrand

About us

Updated on 03/29/2016
Published on 10/31/2013

The Centre’s mission is to develop scientific knowledge and to pursue innovation. In hosting more than 150 doctoral students, it also actively contributes both to training young scientists and to furthering research. The Centre’s work focuses on animal biology, microbiology, and food science. It brings together mathematicians and computer scientists to understand complex biological mechanisms and to predict how living systems operate at different scales. Results benefit a wide range of stakeholders. The Centre’s teams work to bring basic and applied knowledge together, exploring diversity and variability, from the molecule to the individual in its environment

Located in an exceptional academic and scientific environment, the INRA Jouy-en-Josas Centre pursues research in livestock, foods, and microbes to improve human food safety, human and animal health, and farm sustainability.

It draws on a wide range of internationally recognised partners that offer opportunities to develop interdisciplinary research, including the Institut Micalis for health research in food microbiology, Science & Animal Paris-Saclay, and centres for food science and engineering, and for mathematics and bioinformatics. The Centre has established an integrated network focusing on the intersection of agronomy and biomedicine for research across wide scales, from gene to individual. The network is accessible to all research bodies in Île-de-France and to people studying to become researchers. Drawing on these strengths, the Centre is a major player in life sciences at the Paris-Saclay University, and continues to collaborate with the Alfort Veterinary School and the Île-de-France Research Institute for Human Nutrition (CNRH).

Key figures

Research and support units

  • 32 units, including 9 joint units and 3 experimental units
  • 815 staff members; 466 women and 349 men
  • 194 contract staff members; 109 women and 85 men
  • 430 employees of our partners working at the Centre 


  • €94M in financing; €23.3M of which are self-generated
  • 12 technical and research facilities, 15,000 m2 of laboratories
  • and service facilities, 250 ha of research fields, and 30,000 m2 of
  • research facilities and livestock buildings


  • 156 partnership agreements, including 23 with the European Union
  • 60 patents and 40 licences
  • Approximately 460 publications in peer-reviewed journals