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Le domaine de  VILVERT  : centre de documentation, batiment Xavier Leverve et batiment des biotechnologies. Au premier plan, vaches de la ferme de Viltain. © INRA, Christine Jez


The INRA Research Center at Jouy-en-Josas  is a unique space located in Ile-de-France region, offering  research on food, animals, and microorganisms, affirmed and supported by mathematics. The Jouy Research Center is the largest INRA center in France: 820 permanent INRA employees work there along with 430 from other partner organizations and more than 250 on fixed-term contracts. The employees belong to seven of the 13 scientific divisions of INRA, providing a unique strong scientific identity.

Download >>> The English version of the INRA Jouy-en-Josas brochure

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This first summer school is a 3-day course on interactions between the intestinal microbiota and the brain. It is jointly organized by the Micalis Institute (INRA - AgroParisTech, University of Paris-Saclay) and the Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology - MIT).

Job offers in the Centre

Units of the Research Centre