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Shenzhen, Chine

26 - 28 août 2019

From Gut to Brain.How our microbiome influences our emotions and behaviors.

École d'été : "De l'intestin au cerveau". Comment notre microbiome influence nos émotions et nos comportements?

Cette première école d'été se déroule sur trois jours. Elle aborde les interactions entre le microbiote intestinal et le cerveau. Elle est organisée conjointement par l'Institut Micalis (Inra-AgroParisTech, Université Paris-Saclay) et l'Institut du cerveau et des maladies du cerveau (BCBDI), du SIAT (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology) 

Mis à jour le 20/06/2019
Publié le 20/03/2019

Objectives and contents

The microbiota-gut-brain axis is an emerging topic combining two fast-changing disciplines, neuroscience and intestinal metagenomics. This first summer school offers participants from both backgrounds the opportunity to meet and put into perspective the association of these two diciplines in order to de- cipher the interactions between the intestinal microbiota and the brain. This 3-day course is open to Master 1 or 2, or 1st or 2nd year doctoral students. It will be organised around conferences and practical work. The first edition of this Thematic School is jointly organized by the Micalis Institute (Inra - AgroParisTech, University of Paris-Saclay) and the Brain Cognition and Brain Disease Institute (Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology  -  MIT)  of  the  Chinese  Academy  of  Sciences.  The program is limited to 20 participants. It is free of charge to participating students, including transportation.




  • French Embassy in China
  • H&H Group
  • Laboratoire PiLeJe 


Summer School - From Gut to Brain - Shenzhen 2019 - PDF

Organisateur(s) :
Sylvie Rabot, Laurent Naudon, Quentin Montardy
Département(s) associé(s) :
Microbiologie et chaîne alimentaire, Alimentation humaine
Centre(s) associé(s) :

How to apply?

The school is open to Master (M1 and M2) and PhD students (1st and 2nd year). It is limited to 20 participants. To apply, send an email with a single pdf file to the 3 contacts indicated below.

The application document should include:

  • A curriculum vitae (2 pages max)
  • A letter explaining why the applicant wants to participate
  • A letter of reference from the Master or PhD supervisor (one page)

Contacts: Sylvie.Rabot@inra.fr, Laurent.Naudon@inra.fr, Quentin.Montardy@gmail.com